Who We Are

Pine Level Bass Masters is an Alabama Bass Federation Club that fishes the Alabama
area lakes and rivers. We are constantly searching for new members and encourage
everyone (civilian, military, retired military) to come and see what bass fishing in a
competitive atmosphere is like.

You don’t even have to have a boat to fish with us!

The club has an average attendance roster of 20-35 members throughout the year. The
club promotes the ideas of Bass conservation, environment, family, and friendship. We
are not a “good ‘ol boy” club. Members are professional and treat all with respect. You
do not have to join the club the first tournament and may select whom you would like
to fish with.

The club meets Thursday prior to the Saturday of the month we fish (see the calendar
page for dates). The meeting is held at BASS PRO SHOP in Prattville, AL at 6:30 p.m.
At the meeting we discuss current events that affect the club, Bass federation, TBF,
and FLW. The club then decides where we will fish the following month, and then
proceed with the drawing of partners and sequence of take-off for the beginning of the
tournament, and the time of return. Currently there are plenty of boats for non-boaters
to participate.

The club is very competitive and we abide by TBF/FLW, Alabama Bass Federation
Inc., as well as, the club rules in each tournament that the club holds. Everyone has the
opportunity to compete for a position on the club-sponsored teams. The club has 7 slots
(One, six man team) with an alternate that competes in 1 of the 4 qualifying events that
the Alabama Bass Federation Inc. has each year.